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How to Submit or Add Website to Google Webmaster for first time?

Oh, I think you have decided to Add website to Google. Before preceding you should learn about are the benefits of submitting your website to Google search console webmaster. There are millions of websites and blogs in the World. Obviously each website gets an issue related to visibility in the search engine.

Google Search Console account allows you to know about the various issues and challenges related to your website or Blog. Here you will learn about How to add your website to Google? 

How to add website to Google Search Engine?


  • Before using the Add Website to Google you need to make sure you are ready with this stuff.
  • Your website or blog have well published Posts or pages.
  • You have proper Content (Not any spammy type of content)
  • You have proper URL structure of your website. (Means to say free from errors)
  • Your website is live and available online.
  • Your blog or website is not blocked by you by using Robots Txt.
  • You have a Valid Gmail ID. (This can be also use for Google Analytics. So make sure you use proper ID for Sign UP for purpose of add a website to google search)

Check Here To Know about how to Submit a URL to Google without Seach console .

Hurray! Your are ready to Add website to Google

How to submit your website to Google search engine?

Step 1 :

Go to Google Search Console

(Don’t get confuse it is same as webmaster Tools)

Step 2:

Sign in with your Valid Gmail ID Account.

Step 3 :

Once you have login in; you will see Add A Property Button.

Add website to Google

How to Add website to Google?

Just click on it.

Step 4:

  • Now Give a URL of your website.
  • Give Right URL. In Advance you have to decide whether to index your website with Www or without www. And with Http or without HTTPs.
  • Once you have decided. Give a right URL and click on Add button.

Step 5:

Now you have to verify your website or blog

It got two methods Recommended and Alternate Methods.

Under Alternate Methods you have

  • HTML Tag
  • Domain Name Provider
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager.

Step 6:

You can choose any. Here in this example I’m choosing HTML Tag.

Submit website to Google

Submit website to Google by HTML Tag method

Step 7:

Place Meta  tag which is given in Head Section of your website. And Click on Verify button.

Step 8:

Yes. Once you have complete the above successfully then A Message is displayed in webmasters about verification status.

How to add website to Google

Google website Verification in Search console

If your are using Yoast WordPress Plugin. Then your task is more simple. You have to place just code from the said meta tag to Yoast SEO Plugin ( Under General—> Webmaster Tools–> Google Verification Code)

And Click on Save Changes. ( And in search console click on verify button).

Now What Next?

  • You need to time to time open your Google search console account to check your website issues and useful suggestions from Google Webmaster team.
  • Data will be available after some time. So have patience.
  • You need to make sure the verification Meta tag exists on your website or blog.  Sometimes if you change, your website theme. This tag goes missing.

Thanks. Any doubts on How to submit website to Google?. Please feel free to ask.                             

Updated: July 16, 2019 — 12:53 pm


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