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Free CAMTASIA Alternatives Softwares For Windows And MAC Users

List of Free CAMTASIA Alternatives for your requirements.Sometimes buying the exact software for our needs is not possible. Many of them got i high price which may not fall under budget.There are lot of Video Editing screen recording software versions which can meet your needs. If you go with CAMTASIA Free then you may need to deal with Watermark and other issues.

What is camtasia studio software?

It is software by which you can record as well publish your videos.

In simple way, it is video editing software which helps you to perform multiple tasks.

Camtasia Alternatives

Camtasia Alternatives

Salient Features of camtasia:

  • Easy to Share
  • Can create informative videos
  • You can make professional videos for your brand.
  • User friendly.

Who owns CAMTASIA?

CAMTASIA is owned by Techsmith.

How much does camtasia cost?

For Single License its pricing its 20,466 Rupees Which can be use only for two Sytems.

For Upgrades ( For one year period) they are charging fee of 4,089 Rupees. They are various Free CAMTASIA Alternatives which can help you in recording videos.

Do they offer Camtasia Fre Trial?


From where to buy camtasia Studio software.

For purchase you need to logon to official portal

List of Free camtasia Alternatives for your needs:


It is Video editing software which can be use as camtasia Alternative.

Salient Features:

  • Help to capture your Windows screen.
  • You can make video clips
  • Provide feature to upload videos on Youtube.
  • Offers different video formats.
  • You can use Video speed control option.
  • Helps to draw on your screen.

From where to download EzVid?

Its simple just visit



Jing is another alternative owned by Techsmith. You can learn how to make videos using JIng by step by step tutorials provided its owner.

Salient Features:

  • Can work on both Widows and MAC platforms.
  • You can record videos up-to the duration of 5 Minutes.
  • Can record demos.
  • Can create presentation.
  • Simultaneously you can capture screen and audio.
  • Created by TechSmith.
  • Can share videos with others.
  • Pro version provides additional benefits.

How to get Jing?

Download Jing Software from Here It gives you option to download for Windows and MAC.



It is web related screen recording interface. You can use it for window and MAC operating system.

Sailent Features:

  • Can record videos only up-to the duration of 15 Minutes of time in free version.
  • The pro version allows you longer duration.
  • You can use this software for various purposes.
  • You can record, edit and share your videos.
  • While recording the screen you can give narration.
  • Allows various features such as Zoom in, out, change of colors, sizes, speed low high, fonts Etc.

How to get Screencast-O-Matic?

In order to get this software you need to visit :



CamStudio is considered as great alternative of CAMTASIA studio. It offers lot of features for end users.  You can create professional videos with this software.

Salient Features:

  • You can create AVI video format files.
  • You can record all your screen and audio activity of your device ( Laptop/Desktop)
  • You can make Video tutorials
  • Helps you to make videos for your products
  • Screencast-O-Matic

How to get CamStudio software?

Just visit

Do you come across any best video screen recorder, editor software, do share with us. If you know any Free CAMTASIA Alternatives let us know. A small help can contribute more. Thanks

Updated: February 7, 2020 — 5:16 pm

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