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What is Data highlighter in SEO Google Search console webmaster?

What is Data highlighter in SEO?. It is Google search console webmaster tool. By using this you can teach Google about the pattern of structured data on your blog or website. Use this option with lot of care. Proceed only if your confidence enough. First learn about Data highlighter in SEO and then proceed practically. Don’t be in hurry. Go step by step and implement it. 

To access Data highlighter in SEO option you need to login into your respective Google Search console account.  
Data Highlighter in SEO

Data Highlighter in SEO ( Google Search Console)

  • To complete the task you can simply make use of mouse. 
  • By using Data highlighter Google can present your information, data in effective manner as well in new ways.
  • It will be helpful for Google knowledge graph. 
  • Once use complete the task next time data will be shown for rich snippets on SERP ( that is search engine results pages).
  • Remember changes will be available after Googlebot crawls you website or blog. 

    Data highlighter supported data types:

    Some of them are :

  • Articles
  • Events
  • Restaurants
  • Products
  • Local business
  • software applications Etc.
  • Always teach Data highlighter regarding new structure of your site.
  • Page sets:
  • A page set is collection of pages on a website that shows data, in this URLS use simple pattern.
  • It is required to have pages in page set only because Data highlighter will teach Google from this only. 
  • For More information visit
  • Data Highlighter step by Step process in Google search console:
  • On the right hand of your google webmaster accounts you will see your registered website or blog details.
  • Click on start Highlighting: The following window will appear. You can select the required category.
  • You can highlight data by using mouse. On Right hand side you can see the following option. After you finish click on publish button.
  • If you miss tags then a window appears.
  • At last the details are displayed for you.     

How to use Data Highlighter by using Google Search console? Check Here

Updated: July 16, 2019 — 12:56 pm

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