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What info you get from Google Search Console Index status report?

Index status report in Google Search Console webmaster Tools. As soon as you create a website your concern must be to index your post and pagesTo access Index status report, you need to access your Google search console webmaster tools account.

Click on the website for which you want to view the Index status report. Now under dashboard you have option called as Google Index. Click on this and then view Index status.

Google index is very important concept for bloggers. They need to analyse each and every post of their blog. You must be aware of How Google index works?

Index status report

Index status report in Google search console webmaster tools

In this report two types of views are available one is basic and other one is advanced.

In this report, basic view: gives information about total indexed value. 

Advanced view :Displays additional data.

There are Various sections in this report.
Total URLS indexed:

  • It gives information about total Urls available in search Urls or by other means.
  • It is said that number of indexed URLS is almost less than number of crawled URLs. 
  • This is because that total indexed excludes URLS which is notice as non canonical, those with meta no-index tag and duplicates. 
Number of URLS blocked by “Robot.txt”
  • It contains the number of URLS blocked by “robots.txt”
  • Removed URLS (Here number of URLS removed details are displayed for webmasters)
In this Index status report check for:
  • Make sure that Google is accessing the content on regular basis.
  • Check if your server is down or overloaded.
  • Notice unusually high index volume of your website or blog, because number of URLS mean that your website or blog has problems with duplicate content, hacking, canonicalization
  • If you see sudden changes, spikes or dips which displays in several charts can indicate problems with redirects, security and site configuration.
 Remember: Data in index status may not reflected in Google search engine results ( SERP).  Google may use filters while showing search results.
Updated: July 16, 2019 — 12:54 pm


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