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Open Directory Project in SEO How To Prevent it in Snippet?

Open Directory Project how to prevent it in Snippet from beginning.  It collects internet links and places them under various categories. In short it is called as ODP.

If your website is listed in the ODP, Google search engine may use site descriptions from this to show in SERP. One can prevent the search engines from displaying data from the open directory project data in Snippet.

You need to add tag, by this search engine will not use information for page description purpose. Use this as per your requirements only. Over use may result in loss. Start from basics and cover all the aspects related to Open Directory project in Google. It is recommended you proceed step by step as per your optimization requirements. You must be aware of latest trends related to ODP. Look for various updates. 

What are the uses of Open Directory Project in SEO?

By using these Tags you can direct the search engines to not use information for page description from ODP.

Open directory project is refer as one of the source by which Google generates snippet. Note down when you apply this, it may take time to see changes. Check for latest updates regarding ODP in  google. As time to time google changes its policy as per the requirements.  A better snippet is most important of SERP that is search engine results page.

Open Directory Project

Open Directory Project in SEO

What is the role of DMOZ in Ranking?

For further Reading on ODP in SEO how to prevent in description, snippet.

Official website of DMOZ Open directory project is Check all the details and learn to implement to it practically. You must be aware of latest trends and practices of DMOZ ODP.


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Updated: July 16, 2019 — 12:40 pm

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