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Google Discontinued Public Submit URL Tool Now How to Add?

Few Days back Google stopped its Search Console Google Submit URL Tool which was easily accessible. Previously, any one with valid multiple Gmail ID was able to submit their website or blog URL for indexing purpose.

At present this is not the case. In order to submit URL to google search engine for free you need to use submit a sitemap, URL inspection tool. Meaning only Google search console account holders ( In which your particular website or blog is verified) can add URL related to particular website or blog.

Then the big question is How to submit URL to Google?

Available options are for Google URL submit webmasters tools;

1) Submit sitemap.

2) Fetch and Render Tool

3) URL inspection tool

Submit url

Submit URL to Google search engines

1) Submit a sitemap:

Each time you get have fresh or modified URLS. You can submit a sitemap to Google. For this purpose you can re-submit the sitemap also. This process is not instant.

2) Google Fetch and Render Tool:

  • For instant indexing purpose, use this Fetch and render tool. You have to use this option with care.
  • After submitting a URL, you need wait for some time and then submit.

How to use Fetch and Render Tool?

  • Login to Google search console account for particular website or blog for which you are willing to index.
  • When you click on website.
  • Go to Crawl tab.
  • Under this you have Fetch as Google option.
  • Give part of your permalink ( Excluding your domain name)
  • Also remove /
  • In simple words Enter slug.
  • Now here just request is placed but not processed.
  • Then click on Request Indexing.
  • Solve ReCaptcha
Submit URL

Submit URL to Google by Fetch and Render tool

Here you have Two options.

  • Crawl Only this URL ( Crawls single link)
  • Crawl this URL and direct links ( Crawl multiple links including the pages which this URL links to)

Select which ever as per the requirement.

Finally click on Go button. Thats it.

Important Note: Use this option with lot of care. When one URL is submitted, wait for few minutes and submit the second one.

Cross check with site:yourwebsitename operator for indexing information.

3) URL inspection Tool

This is new option introduced in Beta version of Google search console. I think few of them used this tool and more ever it is to cross check whether your website URLs is indexed or not.


  • So for new websites or for existing websites, you need Google search console webmaster account.
  • To Submit URL to Google you can use any of the 3 options available. Sitemap submission, Fetch and render and URL inspection tool.

What are your thoughts on Google submit URL to index options? Please share with us without fail.

Updated: July 16, 2019 — 12:52 pm

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