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Is Tracking Shared Counts Relevant?

The role of social media in enhancing e-business cannot be ignored. In fact, some business persons rely wholly on it to sell products and services. It is, hence, important to ensure that you do everything required to interact effectively with the target audience on social media. One of the most fundamental things to do in this regard is to tracking shared counts. What does this mean? Is it absolutely necessary? Well, read on for details.

Tracking shared counts involves counting the number of shares of a particular URL on popular social media channels. It is important because:

  • You Will Know What You Are Doing Right

Sharing quality information with the world via the social media requires a lot of dedication, resources, and energy. After a while, you may want to know whether you are achieving your goals. Knowing you are on the right path will not only encourage you, but it also gives you a chance to determine the areas that require a lot of emphasis.

For instance, you will become more creative when you get information about the type of content that impresses your target audience. You will also know when to be active once you get details about the time of day when shares are done. It is also worth knowing the numbers of people who have created content out of your efforts so that you can find ways of engaging your audience effectively.

  • You Can Locate Your Resources More Efficiently

When you are aware of what you are doing right, it becomes easier to allocate your resources efficiently. Sharing irrelevant content to an uninterested audience will be avoided.

Instead, you will take time to come up with quality information, sharing it to the right people, and at the right time. If you are a small business person, you will save on costs of operations while at the same getting a chance to grow and make profits.

  • You Will Easily Get Business Partners And Investors

Tracking progress of your social media shares allows you to see the bigger picture. You can tell in advance whether you will return on investment within a given period.

If the numbers are impressive, your investors and partners will easily trust you with their resources. Otherwise, you have a chance to make changes before you make losses using the data provided.

  • You Will Know What Your Audience Needs

Many consumers are extremely honest on social media. They will express their opinion about your content or product using different tones and means. Some will go a step ahead to come up with a video on alternative products and share it with their friends.

It is also worth noting that many visitors consider the number of shares before reading your content. You can minimize the bounce rates in a site by doing a proper analysis of the information provided through tracking shared counts. Satisfying clients and beating your competition is achieved effortlessly henceforth.

  • It Helps You to Move from Creating a Buzz to Making an Impact

Just like many other website owners, you may have managed to create a buzz by coming up with creative content on regular basis. However, this is not enough in SEO world. Potential clients will soon forget about your efforts once your competitor offers them alternative content.

Avoid this by tracking shared counts and focusing your energy on specific activities that will long lasting impact. It means having an engagement with the audience in a way that they will still visit your site even when there are other options available. While it may take a lot of time and thought, it is always rewarding in the ultimate.

  • You Will Learn About the Latest SEO Tools and Techniques

By tracking the shares and making improvements, experts in SEO will take notice of your efforts. They will be willing to share information on what you can do to improve your rankings.

What to Do With the Information Obtained From Tracking Shared Counts

Once you have tracked shared counts and analyzed the information, you can enhance the shares by placing the relevant buttons in the right places. This depends on your website setup. If you have a lot of content that requires a reader to do a lot of scrolling, placing the share buttons at the beginning is recommended. The buttons must be easy to spot. 

It is also important to ensure that the share buttons are available in your contact page. The buttons must not be too many because it will make your page to look cluttered. It automatically dissuades your audience from sharing.

As you try to make these decisions, consulting professionals is always advisable. They will track the shared counts for you and offer a proper analysis. Also, they will give you tips on how to create content worth sharing. If you need such help, go to

Updated: July 16, 2019 — 11:30 am

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