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How to Stop WordPress Spam Comments Manually or with Plugins?

Many website owners may be having a big head ache with WordPress Spam Comments. You need to block the malicious comments and other illegal activities on your website. You can Block Spam Comments in Wordpres by using wordpress plugins and by manual methods. 

Whether i should turn off comments option on my website?

  • It depends on type of your business. If you want feedback, suggestions, queries in the form of comment, if you turn off comment this will be bad idea.
  • In such case you need to find other ways to deal with spam comments. You must find answer to this question How to prevent spam comments on WordPress?

Now question is How to stop Spam Comments on WordPress site?

Majority of spam comments are from bots, so you need to block such bots which are effecting your work.

Wordpress Spam Comments

Learn how to stop WordPress Spam Comments

WordPress comments spam plugins:

Use Stop Spammers WordPress Plugins:

  • This plugins checks registrations, logins, comments from spam users.
  • It detects  such activities and blocks them.
  • You need tto get this plugin, activate and install it. Finally start using it to fight the spam.

Stop spam Comments WordPress Plugins:

It is blocks spam comment for wordpress. You need to install this and check all this feature.

Note: It is always recommended before installing any wordpress plugin, first take wordpress Backup and do experiments.

Deleting the Spam comments every time is time taking process. You must find easier ways to prevent spam bots.

Akismet WordPress Plugin:

Akismet plugin comes as an default. To have spam comments in spam folder you need API key activation.  Will share article on Aksimet plugin with free API Key setup.

Other WordPress Plugins to fight Spam are:

  • Anti Spam Bee : This plugin have more than 3 Lacks Plus active installations helps to block spam comments.
  • Spam protection, Anti-Spam, FireWall from CleanTalk: This plugin supports number of forms and have number of anti spam features.
  • WordPress Zero Spam
  • Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

Manual Methods:

  • Disabling HTML in comments.
  • Disallow comments in .ht access
  • Block IP address in .ht access

The above method needs some code need to be added. For beginners, the above manual method may be risky.

Final Thought: Use a proper plugin to fight the spam. If you are very good at coding, you can go with manual method. You can use Akismet plugin for free.

What techniques you use to fight the Spam Comments?

Please share with us, it will be helpful for others. We hope you like the article How to stop spam comments on WordPress blog.


Updated: July 16, 2019 — 11:24 am

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